Accommodations in Waterton Lakes National Park

Your complete and updated Visitor Guide [last updated November 24, 2023]

This accommodation listing includes places to stay in Waterton Lakes National Park. The townsite located within Waterton Lakes National Park is small and only a few accommodations are located within this National Park. If you want to stay in Waterton and save yourself time in driving, it is wise to book your stay as soon as possible as these accommodations will completely book up. In the winter time, only a few businesses will stay open and we have noted below which ones are open year round. Despite what some people think, Waterton Lakes National Park is open in the winter and a National Park Pass is required upon entry. To learn more about the accommodation, simply click on the listing and you will be directed to their website.

When you stay in Waterton during the summer or winter, be sure to book a guided trip or tour with us at Uplift Adventures and make your trip memorable.

Hotels, Motels and Lodges

Most of the accommodations in Waterton are hotels or motels. There are no large chain hotels in Waterton. The Prince of Wales is managed by a large company; however, all other hotels and motels are family-run and this adds to the small town charm of Waterton. 

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