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"Climb Mountains, and get their good tidings." - John Muir

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Uplift Adventures in the Canadian Rockies

We include destinations in Waterton, Castle Parks, and Crowsnest Pass, Alberta.

Our Story

Uplift Adventures is a small business homegrown in Crowsnest Pass. We have won provincial tourism awards and continue to inspire sustainable outdoor recreation throughout the Canadian Rockies. We mainly operate in the South Canadian Rockies, more specifically Waterton, Castle Parks, and Crowsnest Pass.

While we offer several year-round outdoor services and gear rental that are bookable online, Uplift Adventures also works closely with schools to provide curriculum-based programs and mentorship experiences. In addition, we provide private trips for corporations and have even worked with trauma and recovering addiction groups to help them get outside. We offer consulting services, including trail planning and mapping, interpretive programs, and environmental work.

Uplift Adventures is guided by our four main principles to create these outdoor experiences and knowledge for all types of people:

  1. To inspire people to CONNECT to the outdoors.
  2. To build CONFIDENCE in people to explore the outdoors safely and responsibly.
  3. To encourage an outdoor COMMUNITY to include all types of people.
  4. To CONSERVE the outdoors for people now and into the future to enjoy.

Our ultimate goal at Uplift Adventures is to create something we call: Conservation Tourism. We want to create either reclamation or sustainable development projects where people can give back to the places they are visiting. We have members of our team who are environmental scientists with a lot of experience in development and reclamation, and have worked on recovery programs. We want to take this experience to rebuild some of the damaged landscapes from historical mining, exploration, and neglected trail use in the Canadian Rockies and encourage people to explore with purpose.

Our Team

Dedicated, adventurous people. Getting people outside is our profession and career, not just a lifestyle.


Heather Davis | Lead Guide & Owner

Adventure designer

Wildflower knowledge

Heather founded Uplift Adventures in 2018. She comes with years of working as a Professional Agrologist in the environmental science field, running backcountry trail programs for government, and leading tours for large tour companies. She now operates the company with a vision of creating conservation tourism and trying to support professional guides in this growing profession as a certified guide. She also currently works as the Natural History Instructor at the College of the Rockies in Fernie and as an hiking guide instructor with the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides. In her spare time she volunteers to help grow tourism sustainably in the region, and loves to rappel into a cave, travel around the world and explore big mountains.
Nathan Dahl

Nathan Dahl | Hiking & Backpacking Guide

Nature knowledge

Can make a good cup of coffee

Nathan grew up in Alberta, and so he has had the pleasure of being near and in the Rocky Mountains his whole life. He enjoys all aspects of walking through the mountains - whether taking the path less traveled on remote overnight trips, or taking in the familiar sites visited by tourists time and again. Nathan has been guiding for over a decade, so you're sure to hear some interesting stories and learn a thing or two about the spectacular mountain environment that we call home. 


Darren Davis | Lead Duty Officer

Zombie expert

Cheering on adventurers

Every business has a behind the scenes person. Darren has a technical-working brain, which helps when gear breaks or when we need to purchase new gear. By day, he works as a Civil Engineer Technologist. You will find Darren helping our guests stay safe while we explore.


Kyra DuMontier | Brand Manager

Hype woman

Community supporter

Kyra is a Licensed Practical Nurse and during her days off you can usually find her doing all sorts of outdoor adventures, specifically hiking, backpacking, camping, paddling, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. You'll often find her with her dog, Ember. Having grown up in Lethbridge, she moved to the Crowsnest Pass in 2018 in pursuit of a more adventurous lifestyle in the mountains, and safe to say that she's absolutely enjoying it!
Climbing Instructor

Morgan Fines | Lead Climbing Instructor

Setting climbing routes

Inspiring youth to get outside

Morgan has enjoyed the squeeze of a climbing harness, the helmet tan, and the thrill of tying knots with the wind in his hair since 1997. His climbing career started in Manitoba, but he's found his "niche" in Southern Alberta, with a special place in his heart for Emerald Lake, Crowsnest Pass. He has plenty of experience and training by the ACMG (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides) including CGI level 2 (climbing gym instructor), and TRCI (top rope climbing instructor). He is passionate about helping beginners enjoy rock climbing! Together with his wife and two daughters, he spends as much time adventuring as he can, including: rock climbing, ice climbing, route building, hiking, mountaineering, skiing, backpacking and collecting ticks. He funds his expanding gear closet by working as an Automation Engineer in Lethbridge. You might call him an "anchor" of the climbing community in Southern Alberta. Morgan has been instrumental in setting up new areas for Uplift Adventures’s Outdoor Climbing Programs.
Rachel Jamieson

Rachel Jamieson | Wilderness First Aid Instructor

Maple syrup connoisseur

Loves to rope swing over water

Rachel is an Advanced Care Paramedic working full-time in the Crowsnest Pass. She is devoted to practicing paramedicine in remote and austere environments.

Lisa Larson

Lisa Larson | Hiking & Backpacking Guide

Breaking down stereotypes

Perfecting the bear hang

Lisa is a true flatlander whose parents loved to ski and filled the suburban with all seven of siblings every weekend to stay in a winterized 5th wheel in Fernie. Those winter weekends grew into an all-year love affair with the mountains. She later moved to Fernie and made a profession out of being a ski bum and spent the summers mountain biking and hiking. She has called the Crowsnest Pass home for the last 20 years, where she has raised two children. You will often find her in the mountains with her Golden Doodle, Gracie or teaching Avalanche Safety Training courses with her business, My Terrain.

professional guide

Duncan Maisels | Hiking & Backpacking Guide

Loves to learn your story

Would rather be outside

Duncan has ‘been around a bit’ in the best sense, with around 20 years guiding in BC and Alberta, together with another 20 years prior in various places (Scotland, The Black Forest, Cyprus, Greenland, Norway, Turkey, Syria, Algeria, Eastern Zaire). Duncan has lots to chat about once you’re tired of learning about the Canadian Rockies, he will surely entertain you with stories of guiding around the world. Mostly, Duncan enjoys learning about you and experiencing the joys of being out there!


Colin MacLennan | Hiking & Backpacking Guide, Climbing Instructor

Loves to learn your story

Would rather be outside

Colin is an avid hiker, climber and adventure traveler. He was born in Canada and grew up in Toronto, then went to China on a University exchange when he was 21 and ended up living in Asia for the better part of two decades. Based in China for a total of 16 years, he worked as a guide throughout China, other parts of Asia and Africa for more than a decade. In late 2022, he settled in Crowsnest Pass with his wife and two young children to continue his guiding career in Southern Alberta. Colin speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese.


Kristine O'Rielly | Hiking & Backpacking Guide

Bringing an east coast charm to the mountains

Loving every moment

Born and raised in the small fishing village of St. Brendan’s, an island off the east coast of Newfoundland, Kristine grew up with the Atlantic Ocean, humpback whales, and icebergs in her backyard. She attributes her rural upbringing for her love of nature. After seeing a photo of the Alpine Club of Canada’s historic Abbot Pass Hut in a 2011 issue of Canadian Geographic, Kristine felt drawn to the Canadian Rocky Mountains. A visit to that very same hut in 2015 and a little luck (or perhaps it was fate?) landed Kristine a full-time job in Calgary, Alberta and she’s been busy exploring western Canada ever since. Kristine is a certified apprentice hiking guide with the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG). As a guide, Kristine loves to help others push outside their comfort zone. She also loves to teach others how to minimize their impact while recreating. A type 1 diabetic for 27 years, Kristine believes that everyone – regardless of background and ability – belongs in the great outdoors.

Climbing Instructor in Crowsnest Pass

David Relkoff | Climbing Instructor

Snoozing in a hammock
Contemplating the meaning of life
Nature is best enjoyed in a hammock.  While nobody of any notoriety can be quoted as saying this and the apparent laziness in this statement, it is David’s guiding philosophy.  However, this philosophy needs to be qualified: enjoying nature from a hammock is conditional on an earning it through a fulfilling nature experience first.  The more fulfilling the nature experience, the better.  David’s happiness stems from his experiences in the out of doors.  Committed to life-long learning and sharing his passion for the out of doors, David has become a ski instructor, a climbing instructor, and a moving water canoe instructor.  Vagabond in nature, David has paired work and travel to amass nearly two decades of experience teaching climbing to youth and adults both in an indoor and outdoor setting on three continents.  Working for Uplift Adventures as a top rope climbing instructor, David continues to share his passion for climbing and stretching his client’s comfortable bubbles in a safe and fun nature experience.  Remember, nature is best enjoyed doing what you most enjoy with those you most enjoy.
Sabrina Ryans

Sabrina Ryans | Hiking & Backpacking Guide

Making gourmet backcountry meals

Finding private locations

Sabrina is passionate about helping youth and adults get outside and connect with their local landscape. She considers herself very lucky to have been able to build a career doing exactly that. Sabrina has a Bachelor of Applied Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership and holds certifications with the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, the Interpretive Guides Association, Outdoor Council of Canada, Canadian Avalanche Association and Paddle Canada. Born and raised in Alberta, she is currently based out of the Crowsnest Pass where you can generally find her skiing, hiking, whitewater canoeing, or experimenting with new recipes.

Outdoor Ambassadors

Growing the next generation of adventurers.
Outdoor Ambassador

Jack Bailey | 2022 Outdoor Student Ambassador

Finds adventure whereever he goes

Is never late
Jack has grown up hiking in the mountains of Crowsnest Pass. He can often be found running, biking, and hiking throughout the Rocky Mountains on most weekends.
Reese Pagnucco

Reese Pagnucco | 2021 Outdoor Ambassador

Mushroom finder

Inspiring others to feel connected

Reese is an Adventure Tourism Business Operations student, working her way towards a degree. Growing up in the Crowsnest Pass, she had the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains right at her finger tips which sparked a love for the outdoors right from the beginning. 


Hillary Erickson | 2021 Outdoor Student Ambassador

Gear organizer

Encouraging a positive attitude

Hillary is the outdoor student ambassador for Uplift Adventures this summer. She was born with a heart for adventure and a love for the outdoors. Hillary loves telling bad jokes, country music, singing and eating Costco trail mix (mostly the M&Ms). 

We are accredited and recognized through:

Association of Canadian Mountain Guides
National Geographic Mapguide Destination
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