About Uplift Adventures

"Climb Mountains, and get their good tidings." - John Muir

Our Story
Our Team

Uplift Adventures in the Canadian Rockies

We include destinations in Waterton, Castle Parks, and Crowsnest Pass, Alberta.

Our Story

Uplift Adventures is a small business homegrown in Crowsnest Pass. We have won provincial tourism awards and continue to inspire sustainable outdoor recreation throughout the Canadian Rockies. We mainly operate in the South Canadian Rockies, more specifically Waterton, Castle Parks, and Crowsnest Pass.

While we offer several services that are bookable online, Uplift Adventures also works closely with schools to provide curriculum-based programs and mentorship experience. In addition, we consultant on trail planning and mapping, interpretive programs, and environmental work.

Our dream at Uplift Adventures is to create outdoor experiences and knowledge for people to feel confident and connected to the outdoors. We value building an outdoor community to include all types of people. And our ultimate dream is to create Conservation Tourism to rebuild some of the damaged landscapes from historical mining, exploration, and neglected trail use in the Canadian Rockies. We are also very passionate about our local heritage and want to ensure this is passed on and celebrated by many people around the world.

Our Team

Dedicated, adventurous people.

Heather Davis

Heather Davis | Lead Guide & Owner

Trail Development

Heather is the oil for our operation, she keeps things moving and people smiling. She grew up with a team of brothers that taught her that there are no limits. She has spent a lifetime learning and continues to expand her knowledge.

Rachel Jamieson

Rachel Jamieson | Wilderness First Aid Instructor

Maple Syrup Connoisseur
Loves to Rope Swing Over Water

Rachel is an Advanced Care Paramedic working full time in the Crowsnest Pass. She is devoted to practicing paramedicine in remote and austere environments.

Troi Crombie

Troi Crombie | Photographer

Positive Go-Getter Attitude
Master Time Juggler

Creativity has always ran through her veins - when she was young she would spend every second of her days reading, painting, drawing, dancing, and anything she could to 'create'.

Darren Davis

Darren Davis

Zombie Expert
Gear Nerd

Every business has a behind the scenes person. Darren has a technical-working brain, which helps when gear breaks or when we need to purchase new gear. By day, he works as a Civil Engineer Technologist, and by night he scales the gear room to keep our guests functional.

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