Accommodations in Pincher Creek and surrounding area

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This accommodation listing includes places to stay in and a short drive from the Town of Pincher Creek. Pincher Creek is situated in a fantastic position to host adventures to Waterton Lakes National Park, Castle Provincial Parks, Crowsnest Pass, and the Oldman Dam. This page includes accommodations found within the Town of Pincher and surrounding areas including Twin Butte (between Pincher Creek and Waterton Lakes National Park), Beauvais Lake (between Pincher Creek and Beaver Mines/Castle Provincial Park), Cowley/Lundbreck/Burmis (between Pincher Creek and Crowsnest Pass), and the Oldman Dam (north of Pincher Creek). We have included the location of the listing in the description and to learn more approximate travel times and how to access these areas, read the Geography Section below.

Accommodation listings include lodges and wellness centres, cabins and cottages, hotels and motels, vacation homes, bed and breakfasts, and camping options for RVs and tenters. To learn more about one of the accommodations, simply click on the picture or text for the property of interest and to their website.

Vacation Homes

Vacation homes refer to accommodations that you can find on Airbnb or VRBO. You will find a variety of accommodation types under this listing from cabins to condos to luxury homes to ensuites and more.

Rooms for short-term rent

Area: Town of Pincher Creek

Beautiful home, close to all the beautiful areas in southwest Alberta. These rooms are available to adults only. Two rooms downstairs, no pets allowed due to other animals onsite. Not ideal for persons with allergies. You share the kitchen with the owner, and there is a BBQ for use. Absolutely zero smoking of any kind on the premises. Contact the owner at 403-627-8997 to book.

Bed and Breakfasts

The local bed and breakfasts found in Pincher Creek are owned by locals who have a passion for sharing the small town vibe and helping visitors fall in love with their hometown. At Uplift Adventures, we enjoy promoting these accommodations because we love the 'at home' ambiance of these lovely places to stay.


The Town of Pincher Creek has a privately owned campgrounds and a town campground. In addition, there are a few campgrounds outside of Pincher Creek both privately owned and within the provincial parks.

Geography And How To Get To Areas From Pincher Creek

To help you understand the geography of the area. Pincher Creek is located approximately 40 minutes north of Waterton Lakes National Park and south of Highway 3. All times are recorded based on distance from the Town of Pincher Creek.

To Waterton

Drive south along Highway 6 and pass a small town called Twin Butte (18 minutes). Several ranches are located within this area and a few of the accommodations found between Pincher and Waterton are located on a ranch. The mountains to the west of Highway 6 and north of Waterton, are part of the Castle Provincial Parks. It is about 40 minutes to the townsite of Waterton from Pincher Creek.

To Beauvais Lake / Beaver Mines / Castle Provincial Parks

Drive west from Pincher Creek along Highway 507. This is how you access Beauvais Lake Provinical Park (18 minutes), but you will turn south off of Highway 507 onto Highway 775 to get to Beauvais. When you get to Highway 774, you can turn left to access Beaver Mines (15 minutes), Castle Provincial Parks (24 minutes), and Castle Mountain Resort (33 minute drive).

To Crowsnest Pass

Drive north of Pincher Creek to Highway 3, then drive west along Highway 3. You will pass by Cowley (14 minutes), Lundbreck (18 minutes), Burmis (23 minutes), and then Crowsnest Pass (30 minutes to the east end of Bellevue).

To the Oldman Dam

The Oldman Dam (13 minutes) is near Summerview and you can access the dam via Highway 510. It is located north of Pincher Creek and this area can also be used to access the south end of Porcupine Hills. The Oldman River reservoir is large and the campgrounds surround the reservoir. The Oldman Dam hosts several water sport activities, and Porcupine Hills is public land.

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