Virtual Tours in the Canadian Rockies

Welcome to our Virtual Tours. We started these tours to bring the outdoors do others during the Covid-19 pandemic. We know that not everyone can get outside, and connecting with the outdoors is so ingrained in us as humans. These tours range from story-telling, to adventure, to relaxation, to connection. Every day is different.

We realize that not everyone can get outside and one of our core values with Uplift Adventures is to build an outdoor COMMUNITY. This means that we want the outdoors to be accessible to everyone. These options can be limitless and might take some creativity. We currently support groups who focus on outdoor inclusivity, like Adaptable Outdoors based here in southwest Alberta. We hope that through these videos we can also bring the outdoors to others virtually. If you like these videos, please consider sharing the videos with others and donating to our friends at Adaptable Outdoors so that we can continue to bring the outdoors to everyone.