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5 types of hikers—which one are you?

Hikers are just like everyone else—they come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. To help you find your place in this new world, we’ve provided a quick guide to the five most common types of hikers:

1. The berry burglar

These types of hikers are not one to be messed with. They’ll stop at nothing to find a wild berry patch and make off with as many hucks, saskatoons, or thimbleberries as they can fit into their mouth at one time. They are sneaky, fast, and quiet. They may not know where they’re going, but they’re sure to get there with a full stomach of berries. If you see a berry burglar coming your way, it’s best to just offer them a berry or two so they don’t swipe your whole pack.

types of hikers who eat berries

Pros of hiking with the berry burglar: If you ask nicely, they might share with you.

2. The sherpa wannabe

These types of hikers carry around so much stuff—and so much stuff you didn’t even know existed—that every step they take sounds like a horse clip-clopping along. They think they can carry everything they want and still make it up the mountain (and surprisingly, they usually do!). But don’t judge them too harshly—they just want to feel prepared for every possible outcome. Which is great, as long as you don’t have to carry any of their gear.

girl hiking with two backpacks

Pros of hiking with the sherpa wannabe: They can share their sunscreen since you forgot yours.

3. The rookie

The rookie is easy to spot because they’re the one with their backpack on backwards and their socks pulled all the way up over their knees. They’re fresh-faced and easily excited by anything to do with the outdoors. They’ll also try to steal your stuff when you’re not looking—keep an especially watchful eye over your bug spray and Band-Aids.

young girl hiking in the mountains

Pros of hiking with the rookie: Their eagerness, energy, and willingness to learn is contagious.

4. The macro-meister

You’ll find these type of hikers on the trail with a camera dangling from their neck and a bag full of lenses, one of which is specifically designed to take pictures of rocks. They pause every five feet to snap a picture of literally everything they see, from the wildflowers to the bugs. They aren’t here for the hike—they’re here for the photo ops.

taking a photograph on top of a mountain

Pros of hiking with the macro-meister: They’ll help you see the world in a different way.

5. The trailblazer

You’ve seen these types of hikers before, the one who shows up looking like a walking MEC ad and whose main goal is to adventure off the beaten path. They’re looking for the next big thing, and they’ll go to any length to find it—including through snowpack, brambles, or even over a cliff face, if necessary. They don’t have time for “well-established paths” or “popular routes,” and they definitely don’t want to meet any hikers along the way. If you see this type of hiker coming towards you on the trail, be sure to jump out of the way or risk getting trampled.

man walking near nunatak

Pros of hiking with the trailblazer: You’re always going somewhere new.

So which hiker stereotype are you? Whether you’re the newbie or the weekend warrior, you’re contributing to a healthy and vital community of people who are getting outside and enjoying nature. Trek on!

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  1. I’m definitely the trailblazer which is unfortunate for some of the people who have hiked with me. My backpacking buddy is definitely the wannabe Sherpa. The guy rocks hikes with like 45lbs on his back. He never runs out of water, never worries about having dry clothes, and always has enough food to feed himself and another person.

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      Haha. This is great, Eamon. We certainly got the impression that you are a trailblazer. Keep being awesome and getting out to explore.

  2. The trailblazer felt I should finally be responsible and get the new apple watch in case I fall off a cliff

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