5 outdoor family ideas for Father’s Day in the South Canadian Rockies

No matter where you live or what you do, celebrating the dude-parent in your life is serious business. But sometimes with a busy schedule, it can be difficult to put together a memorable adventure for Father’s Day. That’s why we want to help you discover outdoor activities for Father’s Day in the South Canadian Rockies, so you can spend more time focusing on life and less time trying to be creative. Keep the eyeballs scrolling for these five ideas to celebrate dad for Father’s Day.

1. Go fishing at Beaver Mines Lake

Many lakes in the Rockies are great for fishing, but we’re highlighting Beaver Mines Lake in Castle Provincial Parks as a rather special spot. Since Uplift Adventures is based in the South Canadian Rockies, we tend to side with our local waterbodies. We really like Beaver Mines Lake because the views are spectacular. While we’ve never seen a beaver or a mine at this lake, we do see Table Mountain, a famous Instagrammable hike that needs no filter, known for its colourful cliffs and early season hiking.

Pair your fishing trip with some other fun experiences in the area. Stop in at the Beaver Mines Mercantile Store for ice cream, baked goods, or one of our favourites: the meatloaf burger! Cruise over to Castle Falls for a viewing, and a swim if you’re brave and the water levels are just right. Meander along the interpretive trail near the lake and by the trailhead for Table Mountain—or even try hiking Table Mountain!

When fishing in Alberta, remember to plan ahead and purchase your fishing licence. If you’re keeping the fish, find a new recipe and fry that fish-battered meal over a fire (we visualize everyone singing campfire songs for this Father’s Day activity).

2. Treat dad to a Father’s Day dinner         

Brunch and Mother’s Day go together like champagne and OJ, but don’t forget that fathers really like to eat and be spoiled too! The last time we checked, fathers don’t just eat— they feast! A special meal will finish off the perfect day of visiting the mountains. We highly recommend savouring the foodie scene in the Crowsnest Pass and Waterton area, where you can always find the perfect restaurant to fuel your adventure.

The new clubhouse at the Crowsnest Pass Golf Club, for example, is a great place for you and dad to spend a Father’s Day dinner. Enjoy the amazing food, watch the sun lower in the sky, and take in the vistas of the Flathead Range. Be sure to make a reservation because if you don’t, you may just get turned around because they’re full!

3. Ride your bikes along the Kootenai Brown Trail in Waterton

Who here loves a good dad joke?

Q. Why can’t a bike stand on its own?

A. It’s two-tired!

Thank your dad by getting those two-tired mechanisms out of the garage and dust them off for a ride along the Kootenai Brown Trail in Waterton. You can start at different spots along the trail and decide what is best for you and your family. Keep in mind that if you start in the townsite and ride out to the park gate, the trail is a total of 16 kilometres roundtrip. This can easily turn into a full-day adventure, so pick your distances appropriately. You don’t have to do the whole thing to have a great time.

A few pro-tips to keep in mind:

  1. The winds in Waterton can become quite intense. Check the weather forecast before you go and if the wind speeds change throughout the day, you might want to pedal from east to west so that when you turn around, you are riding with the wind.
  2. Take a first aid kit with you for those “just in case” wipeouts. Also, bring lots of water and sunscreen.
  3. Park your bikes at the southwest lookout (closest to the townsite) for Lower Waterton Lake. Walk down to the grave of Kootenai Brown and his wives and take in the lake views. Bring a bike lock so that you can enjoy some time for a picnic down by the lake without worrying about your bikes.

4. Join an interpretive hike with Uplift Adventures

Our interpretive programs are great for adults, seniors, and kids. We make them engaging, immersive, interactive, and fun. Whether you and your dad are into history, culture, or nature, there’s something for everyone! Learn more about what an interpretive tour means.

Two interpretive hikes are available during the Father’s Day weekend:

  1. Lille Historical Tour (Saturday)—This hike is all about the stories that make Lille come alive. Go back in time as you learn about why people moved and settled in Crowsnest Pass. Discover old mine ruins, settlements, a cemetery, and mine entrances as we venture towards the ghost town of Lille.
  2. The Miner’s Path Historical Tour(Sunday)—Escape into the rich history along the Miner’s Path and retrace the stories of the miners and people living in the early 1900s. Coleman was a town built on coal mining and is now recognized as a National Historical Site.

Add onto the Miner’s Path Historical Tour with a brunch served and enjoyed in a historical building in downtown Coleman and make a full day trip out of it. You can even venture to the Crowsnest Museum afterwards and discover the Alberta Provincial Police Barracks.

5. Take on a stewardship project

Nothing makes us feel better than giving back and contributing to something other than ourselves. Picking a stewardship project can help your family come together to help with a bigger project, give back to a neighbour, or give back to the places you love. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Reach out to a neighbour or friend and prepare a special meal for them as a family so that they don’t feel alone.
  • Pick up garbage at one of your favourite outdoor spaces or a new one you’d like to explore.
  • Ask your local senior’s lodge if you can help plant flowers or make a special gift for one of their residents to feel loved.
  • Take on a project that dad needs some help with, but doesn’t always have enough time to work on.

Happy Father’s Day from Uplift

Family has always been important to us and spending time with loved ones is crucial. We wish you a very happy Father’s Day and hope these five outdoor family ideas for Father’s Day in the South Canadian Rockies give you a head start at creating some special memories.

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