COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 measures for our guests

COVID Protocols

While we watch guidelines changing daily, weekly or monthly, we need to ensure we stay resilient to the changes and most importantly keep you safe. This might mean that we have to take stricter protocols, reduce our numbers or even cancel trips.

Below are the minimum protocols to attend an Uplift Adventures’ experience or course. If any of these protocols go against your beliefs or health, that is okay, but you will need to book an experience when we are not in the middle of a pandemic and you will not be able to attend during this time.

Mask Wearing

Upon meeting and any time we are indoors, you will be asked to wear a face mask. Once we are out on the trails and easily distanced, your guide will let you know when your mask can be removed.

Physical Distancing

Participants will need to stay a minimum of 2 metres apart, unless they are from the same household. You may have a friend with you that you feel comfortable being closer, but since we need to set an example for everyone to be safe, only household members can be within 2 metres of each other.

Food and Gear Handling

Participants cannot exchange food or gear with other participants, unless apart of the same household. This is sometimes hard to do because we are a kind society and want to share. Sharing is caring, except during a pandemic. Participants need to wash their hands or hand sanitize prior to eating.

If food is included in the trip, it will be safely handled by our staff prior to the trip. This means, we will hand sanitize prior to touching your packaged food and wear masks during transport.

If gear is rented, we will ensure that it has been sanitized and/or not been touched for 7 days. Our staff will take the same precautions as food when handling gear.


Carpooling is strongly discouraged, and will not be allowed with people who do not know each other. We assume that if you came with someone, you took the precautions while transporting to keep each other safe.

Failure to Abide

If any of these protocols are not followed on a trip, your guide will ask you to leave and you will not be refunded.

COVID Cancellation Policy

If you show symptoms of COVID-19 leading up to the trip, please contact us. If you do not show up for your trip due to COVID-19 without advising by email or phone (not social media) at least 4 hours in advance, we will not give you a refund. We want to encourage you to not show up if you show any symptoms. We have often rebooked or given full refunds as we do not want you penalized for this virus. With saying this, if we feel that this courtesy is being abused, we will change this policy as we are absorbing the costs associated with cancelling and this does impact our small business. Don’t be the bad apple that ruins it for everyone. Most establishments will not offer this kind of policy because it costs wages to book and refund, and sometimes this means that our trips do not meet minimum participation and trips run at a loss. So, stay home if you are sick, but don’t lie to us. We will be able to be more resilient if you give us more notice. Cancellations not due to COVID-19 reasons are subject to our regular cancellation policy posted on our website.

If we cancel a trip due to government protocols, we will first try to rebook you for another date and if that is not possible, we will give you a full refund.