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Outdoor Rock Climbing Courses in Alberta

Have you thought about getting outside to start your climbing journey? The Intro into Outdoor Rock Climbing course is designed for people who have never climbed before or have done some climbing indoors. This course focuses on climbing, belaying, and rappelling. It will help you build your skills to be safe while outdoor climbing, pass a belay test at an indoor climbing gym, and teach you how to descend on a climbing rope (rappelling).

Uplift Adventures offers open group courses for youth, adults and families. We offer open group climbing programs on Sundays throughout the summer with age groups in mind. There are specific dates for youth aged 8 - 12 and 13 - 17. We also offer open group courses for adults and families. To view upcoming open course dates and times, please review our Time & Dates drop down menu below. Private courses are available upon request.

The key learning objectives of this course include:

  • How to put on a harness
  • How to use a tie-in knot to the harness
  • How to belay your climbing partner
  • Climbing technique and etiquette
  • Climbing communication
  • Safely attach yourself to a rope to descend the rope to the ground

This course is offered a short distance outside Crowsnest Pass, Alberta.

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"I signed up for the Navigation course with Uplift so that I would feel comfortable using a map and compass in the backcountry. I learned how to read topographic maps, navigate by compass, and how to check my work to confirm I'm on the right path. Heather is an extremely knowledgeable, patient, and fun teacher! I feel confident planning my multi-day hikes now!"

jOanne pinches
lethbridge, Alberta

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