Discover Crowsnest Pass Day 8: Admiring frozen waterfalls on a Star Creek Falls hike

Join Uplift Adventures on a hike to Star Creek Falls in the Crowsnest Pass. 

We begin our hike at the base of the creek to start the upper loop. I used to manage a backcountry trails program for the provincial government and when the trail crew was building the lower bridge, they found a stick of dynamite in a mason jar. We ended up needing the RCMP and the bomb squad to remove it! The mason jar is what the miners used to use to store dynamite when the mine was in operation in the 1900’s. Some would even store it in their ovens to keep it dry. This led to a couple of unfortunate accidents. 

We reach the top of the hill and start to get through the transition area. A transition area is a sort of ramp between an ecosystem transitioning, and we watch as the forest transitions from douglas fir to many lodgepole pines. Lodgepole pines like to have well-drained soils, so you will more commonly see them higher up rather than down in a valley. As we work our way higher we get a beautiful view of Sentry Mountain, Crowsnest Mountain, Deadman’s Pass and Tecumseh Mountain in the sunset. We look below and we have a view of the frozen Star Creek Falls.

On our way down we discover a kill site, inducing some anxiety. We don’t want to stick around a kill site for too long especially during dusk.

Thank you for joining us on a virtual hike to Star Creek Falls in the Crowsnest Pass. We invite you to come join us on a hike, backpack, outdoor course, climb or more around Crowsnest Pass, Waterton Lakes National Park, or Castle Parks. We are your local and professionally certified guides to the South Canadian Rockies.

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