Discover Crowsnest Pass Day 15: A winter hike up Saddle Mountain

Join Uplift Adventures as we bike and snowshoe up Saddle Mountain, and get a glimpse of this snowy wonderland tucked away in the Crowsnest Pass. Today we are participating in the door to adventure challenge, which means we leave right from our door without using any motors. So first we bike from home up York Creek Road, then we snowshoe up!

Once we strap on our snowshoes we come into a beautiful lodgepole pine forest! Lodgepole pines are found on slopes with well-drained soil, like this one.  Lodges used to be made out of lodgepole pines – hence the name. We make our way up and take in the beauty of the Flathead Range that sits behind us. We follow some switchbacks and pop up on one of the United Riders of Crowsnest’s (UROC) awesome mountain bike trails. UROC, you rock!

Above the freeze line the trees have a skiff of snow, and the snow feels quite different – it’s a nice powdery, sugary feeling under the snowshoes. Up here we take in the beautiful views, and ponder on what stories the trees would share with us if they could talk. 

We reach the summit in a snowstorm, giving us all the amazing panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, the burn from the Lost Creek fire in 2003, and the High Rock Range! What a view! Well, at least this is what we would see if there wasn’t so much snow. Sometimes the weather isn’t great, but the snow sure is beautiful! Standing on top of a snowy summit can make you feel many things, and today we feel grateful. We are so grateful for all of the amazing people supporting Uplift Adventures, signing up for trips and courses, buying swag and renting gear. 

With the sun shining through the clouds we follow the ridge down, catching sight of some deer that climb deceivingly similar to mountain sheep, eventually making our way back to the bike! Back in the “saddle” for a chilly ride home.

Thank you for joining a virtual tour of us adventuring up Saddle Mountain in Crowsnest Pass. We invite you to come join us on a hike, backpack, outdoor course, climb or more around Crowsnest Pass, Waterton Lakes National Park, or Castle Parks. We are your local and certified professional guides to the South Canadian Rockies.

The permission to use the music in the background was generously given to Uplift and provided by some amazing local artists. Thank you to Tynan and Shelly Groves for the background music. 

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