Discover Crowsnest Pass Day 18: How to be mindful in the mountains

Do you need a little nature time? Especially in the mountains? The fresh air, the spring run off, and listening to the birds chirp. Join us to learn how to be mindful in the mountains in the Canadian Rockies.

Today we are roadbiking along the Community Trail in Crowsnest Pass and are practicing relaxation. Today we invite you to enjoy some of the sights, smells, and sounds of spring time.

We want you to enjoy these sights with us and to relax. Exploring outdoors sometimes it is about adventuring, sometimes it is about learning, and sometimes it is about relaxating.

If you haven’t heard about forest bathing, then look up Forest Fix based in Canmore, Alberta. Forest bathing derives from Japan when research showed that we relax when spending time outside.

Today we are going to use a few techniques from forest bathing and take some time to notice. You can practice this on your own while outdoors to help you relax.

On our trip today, we visit a flowing creek and the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre.

Tell us what you notice, what you hear, and what you feel when you listen to this video.

In closing, thank you for joining a virtual tour of us using some techniques on how to be mindful in the mountains. We invite you to come join us on a hike, backpack, outdoor course, climb or more around Crowsnest Pass, Waterton Lakes National Park, or Castle Parks. We are your local and professional guides to the South Canadian Rockies.

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