Discover Crowsnest Pass Day 3: What is skinning? Find out as we skin up Pass Powderkeg

Join Uplift Adventures on a virtual ski at Pass Powderkeg, our local ski hill in Blairmore!

We are skinning up, and skiing down. Skinning means we put sticky grips called ‘skins’ on the bottom of our skis that allow us to hike up a mountain or hill, and when we reach the top we can take the grips off and ski down!

As we skin up we get some views of Goat Mountain (officially called Bluff Mountain) and Turtle Mountain, where the Frank Slide happened. In April of 1903, a portion of Turtle Mountain fell down below onto part of the town of Frank.

Looking down, we see Blairmore. Blairmore originally started as a station for the railway. Later on it had two mines working out of it, the Southmore and Greenhill Mines.

The Crowsnest Pass is made up of five communities, but they all used to be their own towns. When the mines started shutting down they didn’t see a need to all be separate so they amalgamated. When we refer to Blairmore, Frank, Coleman, Hillcrest or Bellevue; they are all part of Crowsnest Pass.

When we reach the top of Pass Powderkeg, we take our skins off and ski down! Whoo-hoo!

Thank you for joining a virtual tour of us venturing up Pass Powderkeg in Crowsnest Pass. We invite you to come join us on a hike, backpack, outdoor course, climb or more around Crowsnest Pass, Waterton Lakes National Park, or Castle Parks. We are your local and certified professional guides in the South Canadian Rockies.

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