Discover Crowsnest Pass Day 13: Bike the Community Trail with us!

Join Uplift Adventures on a bike ride along the beautiful community trail in the Crowsnest Pass. Today we are participating in the door to adventure challenge, which means we leave right from our door without using any motors.

We start along the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR). The CPR was built in 1898, a short time after the first transcontinental railway that went through Banff and Rogers Pass. It is a big reason why the Crowsnest Pass was able to expand – they needed a way to transport coal out of the Pass. When we talk about the Crowsnest Pass we are most often referencing Hillcrest, Bellevue, Frank, Blairmore and Coleman, but history says that the Crowsnest Pass goes all the way past Fernie, BC. There was even once a small town called Crowsnest Pass right on the BC border, and there is still a sign there. Before coal was a major industry, we had primarily ranches and lumber in the area. They needed to build this railway, so a lot of workers came to this area so they could build the Canadian Pacific Railway through the Crowsnest Pass. 

We continue along the trail and pass by the tasty Pass Beer Co. on our way to Lyons Creek in Blairmore. Lyons Creek is a tributary that flows into Crowsnest River, and sometimes isn’t even flowing at all. It was named after the first mayor in Blairmore. 

The air is crisp and the sun shines bright as we head back down the community trail and through historic downtown Coleman.

Thank you for joining a virtual tour of us biking the community trail in Crowsnest Pass. We invite you to come join us on a hike, backpack, outdoor course, climb or more around Crowsnest Pass, Waterton Lakes National Park, or Castle Parks. We are your local and certified professional guides in the South Canadian Rockies.

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