Mystery Towns: Clue-Solving Adventure

Can you and your team find the photos and solve the mystery?

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Mountain Mysteries
Mystery Towns is a clue-solving adventure that transforms cities, towns and spaces into a real-life puzzle board, where you and your friends become the game pieces!

The year is 1923, and someone has broken into Thomas Gushul's photo studio and stolen four important photographs. To the untrained eye these photos may seem like more of the Gushuls' classic images of everyday life in the Canadian Rockies, but when put together they hold the key to a much greater mystery - the fiendishly difficult combination to a vault in a neighbouring building that holds much of the town's wealth!!

**Please adhere to government restrictions regarding travel, self-isolation and social distancing when playing this game.

Price is per team of 1-4 players (recommended but not enforced). Available DAILY at any time - we strongly recommend playing during daylight hours. Average time: 90 minutes to 2 hours, plus optional breaks Length: 3.5km, all outdoors.

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How it Works
The adventure is played using the Mystery Towns App. You will require a charged smartphone (iPhone 5s or newer; Android 4.4 or later). Data or wifi is only required to download the App and activate your game – it is not required while playing.

  1. Choose your adventure and make your booking online.
  2. Download the Mystery Towns App from App Store or Google Play.
  3. On the day you are planning to play, activate your game by entering your email address and booking code into the App
  4. Go to the Start Location provided in booking confirmation, read your instructions and backstory, then enter READY to start the clock and begin playing.
  5. Clues will appear in the App. Enter the correctly spelled answer to receive the next one. Incorrect answers cost time penalties added to your final score.
  6. Stuck on a clue? Ask for hints on reaching your destination or for solutions. These hints cost time penalties added to your final score, but used strategically may be well worth it!
  7. Complete all the clues and solve the final mystery.
  8. Check the online leaderboard to see how you did - or to laugh at those who clearly didn't spend enough time enjoying the journey!

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